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Essential Soccer

Essential Soccer Free is a fast and playable mobile football game in retro style. Use the simple controls to perform some amazing moves; including headers, vollyes, crosses and one-touch play. Play as your favourite of 48 international teams or download and share user created xml teams.


  • 48 international teams (including the ones from the World Cup 2010)
  • 768 players with 7 individual skills based on FIFA ranking (control, pass, shoot, speed, stamina, strength and jump)
  • league, cup or World Cup-like tournament
  • download user created teams for real team and player names
  • 3 graphical sizes for different gameplay
  • advanced AI engine for varied and challenging matches
  • control the game via touch screen, sensor or keyboard
  • intuitive controls to pass, shoot, bend, lob, do a flying head and slide tackle
  • 2 difficulty levels
  • action replays
  • great music and sound effects
  • overtime and penalty shootouts
  • 6 types of full sized scrolling pitches
  • 9 formations to choose (4-4-2, 4-3-3, 3-4-3, 4-2-4, 5-3-2, 4-5-1, 5-2-3, 3-5-2 and 5-4-1)
  • overhead view to see a large part of the pitch at the same time



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